Increase Revenue with Paid ads

Increase Sales and revenue fast with

Paid Ads

Do you want to launch a new product or service? Paid ads are the way to go. Easy to set up, fast turnover, and cost-effective.
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Reach your Customers

Online ads let you choose who sees your ads. This way, your ad campaigns always reach the right people.

Show what you've got

Promoting your business with ads will help you to get eyes on your newest products or sales.

Let us do the work

We'll set up all the accounts you need and come up with the best strategy to increase your sales.
Google Ads

Reach almost everyone with google Ads

Google Ads is by far the biggest ad platform. The easy way to reach your potential customers. All you need is a great campaign strategy.
More customers fast with Google Ads
Social Media Ads

Kick-Start Your Social Media Sites

Get more interactions and followers with  posts that engage your target audience.
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Get more Followers on Social Media
Video Ads

The New Way to Show your Product

YouTube is a great way of showing the benefits of your products and services in a fast and reliable way.
Boost your Accounts with Video ads

How we do this

Creating the Strategy

You need to know who your customers are and where you can find them.
Define Your Customers
Where are the people that love what you do? Tell us who they are, and we'll take care of finding them.
Choose the Right Ads
Once we know where your customers are, we can pick the platforms and ads to promote your business in the best way.
Create Your First Campaign
This is where it gets real. We'll create the campaigns for you. All you have to do is handle all your new customers.


Price excl. VAT
CHF 500
With all the information you gave us about your business, we will set up a strategy that perfectly matches your unique situation.
  • Unique strategy for your business
  • Set up 2-3 accounts
  • Tips & tricks to create content
  • Schedule for posting

Full Service

Price excl. VAT
CHF 500/month
We take over your Social Media work. You don't have to worry about posting at the right time to the right platform. All you do is send us the content you want us to use.
  • Unique strategy included
  • Editing your content
  • Up to 10 posts per month
  • Tips & tricks to create content


Price depends on the project
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Do you have some idea where we can help? Want us to create your content? Need help with your current Social Media? Let us know what you need. Helping out is what we do.
  • Content perfect for your business
  • Editing your content
  • Learn how to create content
  • Hand over everything to us
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